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My current location is Medellin, Colombia. 

I left India in February after a year and a half in Chandigarh (Punjab) where I worked as an education consultant for with the government and started freelancing as an editor and content writer.

Gwen Bellinger
Budapest, Hungary (October 2010)

I traveled to Europe a few times with my family in my childhood but I started traveling (really traveling) in 2010 when I studied at Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary for a semester. It was when I realized how much I loved living abroad and have been trying to maintain that sort of lifestyle ever since.

San Remo, Italy (July 2012)

After finishing my Bachelor’s degree at UNC in 2012, I taught English in Italy for a summer with ACLE.

Expat in Prague
Prague, Czech Republic (October 2012)

I then earned my TEFL degree and worked in Prague, Czech Republic for a year as an English teacher.

Ushguli, Georgia
Ushguli, Republic of Georgia (July 2013)

And backpacked around the Caucuses in 2013 before starting my Master’s degree at the University of Chicago.

Gwen Bellinger
Lebanon (July 2014)

I’ve also excavated an archaeological site in Ireland, completed two Arabic language courses in Lebanon and Morocco, and backpacked solo through Europe, the Caucuses, Northern Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia and Australia.

As it is difficult to keep up with my friends around the world, I’ve made my adventures public: all my travel tips, stories, and mishaps in one place.

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