About Gwen


I’m Gwen, a twenty-something American who has been traveling solo for the past five years through studies, working, and backpacking trips. A lover of language, food, history, and people.

I prefer to take the road less traveled and explore more than just the tourism highlights; I want to be consumed by the place. Blending into a crowd of tourists doesn’t excite me. I want to befriend locals, try foods I’ve never heard of, learn the language, and discover as much as possible.

To date, I’ve lived in 8 counties and traveled to over 50. I know how nerve racking it can be when one starts off traveling solo or moving abroad. So here’s a place for me to reflect, share my experiences, give travel tips, and hopefully encourage other people to travel more.

Currently I live in Chandigarh, India. If you haven’t heard of it that’s okay, I hadn’t either until a week and a half before my scheduled flight. It’s located in the North, the dual capital of the state of Punjab and Haryana. I work for the International Innovation Corps, a new organization out of the University of Chicago. I work with the government of Haryana on their Quality Improvement Program, aimed at improving education in 15,000 government schools. The project is research and implementation focused, meaning I often get to meet officers and visit schools. You can read more about the project here.