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One Second Every Day

For six years now, I have recorded one second of video footage for every day of the year. When I first got the idea to do this–6 years ago–I remember wondering if I would actually be able to stick with a project like this for a full year. Six years later, I have one more full-length video, and no plans to stop making these.

2020 is done, but I’m not going to post it right away. 2020 Pending. However, I wanted to put all my videos in one place for the time being.


Past Videos for your Viewing Pleasure


(China, India, Vietnam, USA, Thailand Hong Kong/Macau)


(Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, USA, Ecuador, Peru, Vietnam, China)


(India, USA, Argentina, Colombia)


(India, Nepal, Switzerland, Croatia, US, Dominican Republic)


(Jamaica, US, Thailand, UAE, Indonesia, Australia, India)


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