Working Remotely

I set up an online business so I can enjoy the benefits of working remotely— like living in Argentina!

Buenos Días from Buenos Aires!

I left India recently after an amazing year and a half to enjoy some much needed quality time back in the U.S. with friends and family.
Working Remotely

But of course, this is me we’re talking about, and I think there is some fine print on my passport saying I can’t be in the U.S. for more than a few weeks at at time.

So I packed my bags and moved to Buenos Aires!

Working Remotely
The land of red meat,  red wine, and red hot people

I’m realizing most people (even my good friends and family) have no idea what I am doing. Fair. Most of the time I don’t either. But I actually have a plan this time….

In India I worked in the Haryana government for one year. It was a rewarding experience, but made me realize I very much don’t want to be a consultant or do “the grind.” I did, however, figure out what I should have known all along: I love to write and I’m incredibly independent. “Independent, possibly to a fault” as one of my colleagues in India best put it. I want to work for myself.

So after my contract ended last August, I traveled a bit (most notably to Mt. Everest) and then started my business.

Working Remotely

Working Remotely
Wow, what a great, absolutely NOT staged photo of me working.

Currently, I am working remotely as a freelance editor and as a content writer for websites. In my spare time I am writing a novel (yes, I realize I’m a walking cliché), studying to re-take the GRE (because maybe I actually want to be an academic?), and studying for the foreign service exam in October (because maybe I actually want to work in government?).

In short, I have no idea what I want to do long term but I am really enjoying what I am doing short term. Setting up my own  business has been incredibly fun and rewarding. I set my own hours, pay, and I can enjoy the perks of working remotely!

So why Argentina?

Well, I could’ve stayed in India but:

  • Red meat
  • Red wine
Working Remotely
Steak meat, chicken stuffed with ham and cheese, salad, red wine

And I could’ve stayed in the U.S. but:

  • The U.S. is expensive
  • Buying your own health insurance in the U.S. is ridiculously expensive! I currently have a plan with Cigna and have in-patient care for about $100/month. It covers me everywhere in the world (except the U.S.) The exact same plan for only the U.S. costs about $600/month. That’s rent here!
  • Getting a visa is easy
  • I can learn Spanish finally
  • Why not travel when you can travel?

So, stay tuned. My goal is to start blogging more frequently about life in South America while working remotely as well as writing a few “late” posts about things that happened in India or elsewhere in the world.


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  1. Can’t wait until you are settled and we can descend upon you. ; )

  2. Love following your adventures. Blog looks great!

    1. Thanks! Definitely going to try to make it a bit more brighter, shorter, photo-heavy!

  3. linda smith-christmas

    Have you seen all the Art Nouveau in the antique shops?

    1. I’ve done almost nothing. I’m a bit far outside the city but hoping to get an apartment this week and start exploring more!
      Have done a number of the supply of wine here though

  4. I’m happy I’m not the only one that found solace in travel, albeit of a very different sort!

    I’m sure we’ll cross paths again one day, Gwendy!

    1. I definitely hope so. Let me know if you end up on a cruise ship docking in whatever place I am again 😉

      Actually, Sarah and I discussed some sort of UNC reunion and I’m pretty sure we should set that up.

  5. Travel while you can! And love the blog updates 🙂

    1. Thanks for your help!

  6. Just stumbled across this blog, and it very much mirrors what I am hoping to do when I pack my bags in London for Buenos Aires this September (after 5 years of working in the City, but with an English degree and keenness to restart my blog) so particularly of interest! Intrigued to see how it works out for you anyway, good luck! Josh

    1. Hey Josh! Some months go better than others but it’s been a very positive experience so far. Let me know if there is anything I can do/suggest to help you get set up in Buenos Aires!

  7. Hi! It’s great knowing that you are enjoying your staying here.. I’m Argentinian and my boyfriend is from Finland.. He has also been working remotely as a freelance editor and content writer, and we find this chance a really good one for the moment as I haven’t got my degree yet. But our main problem is to get a visa for him. I just would like to know what kind of visa you applied for working as a freelancer.

    1. Gwendolyn A Bellinger

      Hi Daiana,
      Sorry I never saw this comment! I get a lot of spam and sometimes real comments get hidden 🙂

      I was there a very short while and was only staying for three month periods. All my business is located in the US where I pay taxes so I was on a tourist visa and doing a “working vacation.” I just ended up leaving and coming back to Argentina a few times but that was fine

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